Getting started with the guide on how to write an essay

You may be new to learning the ways of how to write an essay, but you probably know that there are different types of essays according to the goal they are created with, whether it is to reflect your thoughts, to persuade or to inform etc. Anyway, all of them presuppose the similar essay format.

Try to give credence to these few rules on creating a worthy piece of writing.

Working out the topic

When you are free to make up a topic yourself, then a few things should be considered.

First of all, think of what the aim of your writing will be and what effect it should have. Make a record of everything you recollect that appeals to you. This may be everyday stuff or things you like throughout your life. After this, consider how appropriate your topic is and whether you have enough to say on it to make a whole essay.

As long as you’ve chosen the subject to write on, define what level of preciseness it should imply, and formulate the title so that it was as accurate as possible.

Develop the essay structure

There are many ways to create a proper essay structure for its further fulfillment into the writing itself. Putting your thoughts down is probably one of the most effective ones. Note that such a record must be an arranged scheme or illustration, whatever is more suitable for you.

Start with big-lettered statement of your subject. In whatever form you like, present the ideas supporting your point of view – draw arrows, webs, lines etc. You may put it all in the very order you’ll further apple to your essay, or you may just present thoughts and organize them in a correct order later directly in the process of writing.

From each of the concept deriving from the title create again arrows, webs and lines once and fill in the spaces they denote with explanations, details and examples.

Now you’ve got at least an approximate structure of an essay you’re going to write.

Creating the root task

It is a thesis statement that defines the matter of your writing. As long as you’ve already got an outline of the necessary thoughts, you are ready to come up with a proper setting of the problem you’re going to describe in your essay. When you ask how to write a good essay, remember that it starts with an excellent thesis statement which pulls attention and gets a reader interested in how things unfold.

Break the main task in two: state the general idea first and tell a few words which give a nudge on the very theme you reveal in your writing. Your statement is a kind of frame of your story which gets the reader acquainted with what they’ll see if they stay and watch.

Write the middle part

A middle part normally consists of the number of paragraphs that corresponds to the number of separate thoughts explained. It is actually the answer to the problem of how to write a short essay, as you take two or three ideas, elaborate them and – done. Moreover, considering the fact that each paragraph in this part has the same format, following the principle makes the process easier and faster. By giving explanations and interpreting your view you show what facts, events, musings have made you think this or that way.

The general structure of the middle part of an essay includes everything we started from, that is the scheme or any other form you’ve preferred expressing your ideas in. In broad strokes, it looks like this: an idea – the proofs – the details.

The first and the last part

Now, as you’ve already written the main and essential piece of your essay, the only thing that is left is a few more sentences at the beginning and at the end. These two parts provide a full understanding of your material as they help to get feet under the table gradually and come to a logical end afterwards.

As for the beginning, it should be appealing and interesting to excite the reader from the start. To sound intriguing, recollect how your friend is used to tell you just a few words and then a catch phrase “I’ll tell you the rest tomorrow”. Is that your home-ground? So, you must know that there are things which call out to other people’s interests and concerns and make them ask questions and search for answers. You may also state the importance of the information you’ve presented while writing this part.

When all the previous stages are performed, get your thoughts together, read your essay from the start if it helps, and formulate the conclusion. Imagine that you are asked to tell all the necessary points of your writing in short. Try to recollect the ones which cannot be omitted, including your proofs and the general moral of a fable, so to speak. That is the last part of the essay writing process.

That’s it?

Despite the fact that your essay is already written, still some of the checklist points remain. This is the final perfection of your work assuring its well formedness.

Concerning the way the sentences in your essay are arranged, keep in mind the rule that a reader or a listener usually pays more attention to the beginning and the end of a speech. That is why, if you want to highlight some idea, put it at the beginning or at the end of the part it belongs to.

Make sure you’ve followed all the directions to an essay if there were some. Consider the formatting, grammar, syntax and spelling. Make certain that all the content is appropriate and coherent. Check all these items once again with a fresh view, after some time passes, if there’s such an opportunity.

Only after completing these stages you may be state that it’s in the bag.

It is highly likely that from now on you’ll know how to write essays faster and better.