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What Is Persuasive Essay

A common persuasive essay definition says that it is a specific academic task that is frequently given by professors. Getting such a task to do, many students start searching “what is persuasive essay” in their search engines. There are dozens of articles explaining specific features of persuasive writing. All of these articles convey the same message: the fundamental purpose of this assignment is to check the student`s writing, research, as well as his/her persuasive skills. When writing such a persuasive essay, the student may consult relevant peer-reviewed books, journal articles, various surveys, reliable websites, interviews, and other credible sources. Noteworthy, sometimes, when writing an argumentative essay the student may be asked to use none of the sources.

What Is Persuasive Writing?

Many students find it difficult to understand what is persuasive essay. Searching “what is persuasive writing” on the web, you may find many different persuasive writing definitions. Most of them say that writing a persuasive essay is a specific activity that aims to explore the student`s potential in terms of persuading the audience in a certain idea. When composing such an essay, the student should persuade the audience in a specific idea providing the reasonable arguments and powerful evidence. Because of this, usually, this type of essay is called argumentative.

What Is the Purpose of a Persuasive Essay?

If you are wondering what is the purpose of a persuasive essay, be sure to read our useful manual and you will get the answer on this and any other question that may arise in your head. Indeed, this task is a wonderful opportunity to teach the student to provide the reasonable supporting arguments and demonstrate excellent analytical skills. Without any doubts, the skills attained during completing of this assignment will benefit the student in his future since it is very important to be able to develop the thought and persuade the surrounding people in a certain idea.

Writing a Persuasive Research Paper Is Easier Than It May Seem

As for the specific persuasive essay format, you should know that this essay can be written in APA, MLA Harvard, Chicago, or any other referencing style. If you experience some difficulties with the formatting, feel free to ask your instructor for assistance and he/she will explain the task peculiarities. We assure you that learning some of the persuasion techniques in writing from your professor, you will impress him/her by a professional approach.

In its essence, the common structure of all persuasive papers is similar. As such, all of them should start with the good introduction with the thesis statement in the end, have several body paragraphs in which the key writer`s arguments will be analyzed, and a powerful conclusion in which the author summarizes the key viewpoints explaining if he/she has managed to reach the purpose mentioned in the introduction. As you may see, it is pretty easy to follow the common persuasive essay structure; however, most students consider this task as challenging. We assure you that dedicating enough time and attention to every persuasive paragraph, you will be able to reach academic success and get the desired grade.

A Few Persuasive Writing Techniques That Will Definitely Help

  1. If you are required to write a persuasive speech, be sure to read the examples of speeches online. Try to find the famous speeches and you will learn many secrets of how to grab the attention of your audience. Be passionate and try to leave a great impression and we assure you that your audience will provide your essay with a positive feedback.
  2. Avoid procrastination. If you believe that writing the 5-paragraph persuasive essays is an easy task to do, you are wrong. To get a satisfactory grade, your writing should be interesting and creative. Waiting until the last moment you can fail this assignment and receive the grade, which will significantly undermine your reputation.
  3. Research your topic well. Although you believe that you know your topic well, it will be great to search for the information that will help you to turn your essay into a true masterpiece. Finding a good persuasive article template, you will see the proper structure, and other significant details necessary for writing a good essay. However, beware of plagiarism! If you use some outside source, do not forget to cite it according to the referencing style required.
  4. Brainstorm! We assure you that this process is vitally important for creating the best persuasive argument. Writing down every idea that comes to your mind during brainstorming, you be able to write the good outline, which will serve as the skeleton of your essay.
  5. Think of the good persuasion sentences. They should be clear, logical, and concise. Try not to overburden your persuasive essay with the meaningless details since they will easily distract the reader`s attention from your key arguments. Do not jump from one idea to another but use the transition words instead. These words or word combinations will help you move smoothly from one argument to another without compromising the essay quality.
  6. Feel free to make your persuasive text full of vivid language and interesting details. To put a satisfactory grade, the professor has to see a non-standard essay in which the student demonstrates the creative approach.
  7. Every persuasive article should have a good thesis statement. Usually, it is the last sentence of your introduction that implies the key idea that will be discussed in your essay. Thesis statement for persuasive essay should be controversial and thought provoking so that the author could prove or disapprove it further.

All in all, it should be noted that it is quite difficult to write persuasively, but the constant practice will help you to make your writing and persuasive skills much better. If you want to succeed in your high school or college, do not hesitate to put much time and efforts into writing every essay. With our persuasive essay hooks, you will make a smart investment into your future!

We do hope that this article helped you understand what is persuasive essay better!

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