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What is an Expository Essay

Expository essay writing is an academic assignment that is frequently given by professors in order to check the writing skills of the students, as well as their abilities to present the certain project or idea to the wide audience. The purpose of this essay can be accomplished through definition, comparison and contrast, cause and effect, and some other types of essays. If you need to learn more details and understand what is an expository essay, keep reading our guide. We assure you that it will help you understand what is the purpose of an expository essay.

Indeed, it is quite difficult to define expository writing. You may find many expository writing definitions on the web but all of them say that this essay should be dedicated to investigation a certain idea by different ways. An expository essay is a challenging and complex assignment that requires investigating the certain idea, presenting the good evidence, and suggesting the reasonable arguments. This assignment is usually given by the professors since it is the good instrument for checking the student`s knowledge, skills, and competencies within the scope of a specific topic. If you experience some troubles with understanding the exposition meaning, feel free to seek advice from your Professor and he will gladly assist. He/she will answer all your questions and explain the key peculiarities of expository paper writing. Moreover, close cooperation with your professor is a perfect chance to demonstrate your serious attitude to work.

Narrative vs Expository: Everything You Should Know

Many students tend to confuse these assignments though they are different and have different purposes. A narrative essay aims to tell the story about some event or experience. It does not require the in-depth reflection. This essay should have a good flow and contain the transition words. At the same time, an expository essay requires putting the sound arguments that prove or disapprove the certain idea. Indeed, the author should put many efforts to present a good investigation.

At the same time, expository essay structure is similar to the structure of the narrative essay. Both assignments usually have a classic 5-paragraph structure and consist of the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Types of Expository Writing

Undoubtedly, there are many types of expository writing such as the informative essays, causal analysis essays, classification essays, commentary essays, evaluative essays, and many others. The common types of expository writing are as follows:

Cause and Effect Essay

Such an essay aims to explore the event or issue pointing out to the causes of its appearance as well as to its possible effects. These effects can be both positive and negative, but they should be carefully analyzed. If this essay is written in accordance with the classic 5-paragraph structure, feel free to dedicate one paragraph to one cause or one effect.

Problem Solution Essay

The problem solution essay requires analyzing the certain problem presenting the possible solutions for its solving. The topics of problem solution essays may be the following: “The Possible Solution for the Syrian Conflict,” “Global Warming: Possible Solutions."

Compare and Contrast Essay

Such an essay requires the student to compare two or more specific issues or objects pointing out to their similar and different features. The student may compare these items point by point or by blocks.

Reflection Essay

Reflection essay is a favorite students` assignment that requires reflecting on some notion or issue. For instance, the students may reflect on the importance of money in the human life, on the role of motivation for reaching the career goals, the value of family for the individual, and many other topics. When writing a reflection essay, the student does not need to work with the outside sources but present own thoughts and ideas.

What Is an Expository Paragraph?

Every paragraph of your expository essay should be dedicated to a specific idea. For example in a compare and contrast essay, you need to start with the introduction in which you will present the issues that will be compared. Then, write a few paragraphs and divide each of them by the transition words. Every paragraph should start with a topic sentence that defines its content. Finalize your essay with a powerful conclusion, which restates the key similarities and differences of the compared issues.

A Few Secrets that Will Help You Make Your Expository Text Better

  1. Read the topic well and make sure you understand it properly. Understanding the topic is the primary reason for success in essay writing. Besides, you should be interested in this topic. If the topic involves you, you will be able to involve your audience.
  2. Work carefully on the expository composition. Do not jump from one idea to another. All the evidence and arguments should be presented in the logical and smooth way. Along with the interesting content, a good composition is the inevitable part of the successful essay.
  3. If you cannot understand how to start your expository article, find the effective examples online that will help you find the key elements and focus on them. We assure you that these articles will help you gain more writing inspiration.
  4. Learn more about the academic essay format required. If you are not good at APA essay writing, feel free to find the good manual and learn the key peculiarities of this format.
  5. Dedicate enough time to revision. Although it is a content of your essay that matters the most of all, the obvious grammar mistakes will significantly compromise the essay quality. As such, when the essay is written, do not hesitate to read it for several times to make sure it is free of any grammar or spelling errors.


In conclusion, it should be said that explanatory writing is not a cup of tea for many students. This task requires much time and attention, but we assure you that the result is worth all the efforts spent. Getting a positive grade, you will be able to maintain the reputation of a successful student and make a smart investment in your career.

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