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What is a Descriptive Essay

As the name suggests, a descriptive essay is a common academic task that requires describing something – a person, event, experience, place, situation, emotion, or anything else. This assignment requires particular dedication and attention to details. According to the common descriptive essay definition, this assignment gives multiple opportunities for the student to demonstrate his/her writing skills since it gives much freedom for writing. If you are stuck with this assignment and experience significant difficulties with understanding what is a descriptive essay, we will provide you with a few secrets that will make the writing process much easier!

Writing a Descriptive Article Is not a Challenge Anymore!

If you need to write a descriptive essay about a person, you are free to write about everything that makes this person different from others. In particular, you can talk about his/her physical appearance. As such, be sure to mention the color of hair, the color of eyes, the skin, smile, and other attributes of the person`s appearance so that the audience could draw the image of this person. Also, you may mention about this person`s traits of character. Is this person kind? Generous? Goal-oriented? Feel free to mention everything that seems interesting to you and may seem interesting to your audience. Also, you may tell your personal attitude towards this person. Are you admiring him/her? Why?

A piece of advice: if you are free to choose a person to describe, be sure to choose someone that you know very well. It will help you focus on the specific features of this person that will make your essay truly interesting to your reader.

Need to write a descriptive paragraph about a place? It is easier than it may think! Start with a good introduction in which you will tell the reader what place you are going to describe. Tell about its location and explain why you are going to describe this specific place. In your body paragraphs, try to describe the characteristic features of this place, name the objects that are located in this place, and tell about the general impression of this place. In a conclusion, tell the reader what makes this place special and meaningful for you. However, remember that you should not tell the story, but focus on describing it.

How to Write a Good Descriptive Paper?

Do you need to know how to write a good descriptive paper? Undoubtedly, every student organizes the writing process on his/her own; however, there is a common procedure that should be followed by all students, who want to succeed with this task.

First, think about a good topic. If the professor allows you to choose the topic, pick up something that seems interesting to you. We assure you that only being interested in your topic you will be able to write a successful essay.

Second, learn the peculiarities of the descriptive essay format required. Need to write an APA descriptive essay but you know nothing about this referencing style? Do not worry! We assure you that there are many effective manuals available online that will help you to learn the APA essentials.

Third, try to avoid distractors when writing a descriptive essay. Listening to music, watching TV shows, or chatting will friends you will not be able to focus on your essay and, thus, get the desired grade.

Avoid procrastination since it can greatly compromise the quality of your essay. When working on the essay, try to be maximally focused and concentrated.

Take time to brainstorm. This process is inevitable in academic writing since it allows to focus attention on the topic and explore the writer`s writing abilities. If your teacher is asking you to write about some fascinating event, think about all events that happened in your life. Which one is the most impressive? Which even has contributed to the development of your personality? What event will you remember for the entire life? Answering these questions, you will be able to select the most interesting topic.

To give something a descriptive meaning you need to pick up the great descriptive words. Remember that a good descriptive essay is the one that appeals to the reader`s senses such as hearing, smell, taste, and sight. As such, a good descriptive essay requires from the writer using the vivid language and good descriptive words that can satisfy the demanding professor. Make the reader draw the object you describe in his/her head, and you will definitely reach our goal.

Be clear and concise. Do not write 100 words when 50 will do. Usually, a descriptive essay should not be too long, so each its sentence should be meaningful.

Pay attention to the meaningful details. As you already know, writing a descriptive essay, you need to describe something. It means that you need to present it from the different perspectives so that the reader could imagine it. For this purpose, feel free to use the appropriate metaphors, comparisons, adjectives, and contrasts.

Write a short outline that will serve as a skeleton of your essay. Follow it point by point and write a rough draft.

Write the final draft and make sure it is free of mechanical errors and run-on sentences. Read it aloud to check if the essay sounds good and if it does not have the logical gaps.

Descriptive Writing Technique

As for the other descriptive writing techniques, you can find many websites with the pre-written descriptive essays and learn a few secrets of the successful descriptive essay writing. Reading these examples, you will learn more about the proper essay organization and composition. Moreover, these essays will give you many ideas of the interesting ways to describe something.

If you are one of the students who define descriptive writing as a complex task, we assure you that you just need to practice and improve your writing and research skills. Indeed, this assignment is not very difficult but rather interesting and amusing. Remember that writing on the topic that seems interesting and involving to you, you will be able to create a true masterpiece. So do not waste time! Start writing your descriptive essay now and become a successful student!

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