Analytical Essay Example About Human Being Basic Sexuality Research
2 May, 2018 in sample essay

Basic Behavioral and Social Science Research

The main argument from the research is that social science has failed to effectively distinguish basic behavioral and social science research from intervention research. Additionally, the main argument brings out the view that social science has failed to recognize the potential of basic research in terms of revealing new insights that could be applied in the future. The most significant hole in the main argument is that it has led to the dedication of more financial and logistical support to intervention research compared to basic research involving aspects such as human sexuality. This makes it more challenging for basic research to grow and strengthen on its own as a fundamental part of research relating to human sexuality. The most significant contradiction emanating from the main argument is that basic research offers the preliminary stage in the overall process of research, but social science tends to skip it and recognize intervention research that comes later in the process of research. It is always vital to identify the building blocks of a research before identifying its subsequent parts such as intervention research that offers support to basic research.

One of the most significant concepts relating to the work is basic research that entails the broad description of sexuality and the provision of extensive knowledge relating to human sexuality. This means that basic research is always focused on the element of sexuality among human beings and it looks forward to presenting more information about it through extensive research. This is the foundation for the understanding of the overall aspect of human sexuality. The second concept of the work is the element of relevant intervention research that is linked to the needs of the community and is associated with a mechanism for evaluation. This concept answers questions relating to the variables determining the behavior of human beings in the society and the reasons why such variables would be linked to members of the society. This concept is vital in analyzing these variables and ensuring that their connection to human beings in the society are understood perfectly. The third concept emerging from this work is an accommodative and positivist approach to sexuality that indicates the manner in which these sexual risks and liabilities tend to contribute to inadequacies in the intervention stage. All these concepts are vital in the understanding of this work because of their direct relationship.

Human beings are the author’s main theoretical influences. The author is motivated to talk about sexuality relating to human beings hence highlighting the main theoretical influence. The author aim at developing knowledge in social, physiological, and sexual aspects relating to human beings. Specifically, human behaviors act as the fundamental parts of the author’s discussion. All these factors indicate that the author’s main theoretical influence is sexual behavior among human beings. The author believes that this could be explained effectively using the basic research model. This is also vital in explaining the importance of understanding human sexuality in line with the basic research model.

The author draws inspiration from the fact that social sciences are advancing and have the potential of providing a supportive environment for the advancement of theoretical research aimed at understanding human behavior in the society. The author believes that the supportive environment would offer a better working relationship between the basic research model and the intervention research model. This would be vital in understanding human behaviors such as the motivation of individuals. Additionally, the author is motivated by the view that intervention research would start focusing on a wider scope instead of only looking at individual resolutions to social problems affecting individuals within the society. This offers an effective chance for people to understand matters such as contraception and the transmission of diseases among individuals.

Basic Theoretical Framework in Sexuality

The author is arguing with the basic theoretical framework in sexuality. The author points out the view that the basic research should be applied in sexuality to reveal crucial knowledge sexual knowledge relating to human beings. With this the basic theoretical framework, individuals would have the opportunity to develop a clear understanding of sexuality. This framework also ensures that research relating to sexual needs is designed in the best manner possible, it is executed with the most appropriate skills, and is analyzed carefully. The author believes that this is the best model that could be applied to the understanding of sexual behavior among human beings and the overall operation of human beings in the society. It also helps in the revelation of human beings relating to human motivation and other operations of human beings in the society.

It is worth acknowledging that the author utilizes peer-reviewed sources in the study. The author uses peer-reviewed sources to support most of the discussions made in the article. These sources are vital because they help boost the credibility and reliability of the overall work. For instance, the author supports the discussions in the article using Featherman’s article, which helps makes the entire research more relevant and reliable for readers in the social science category. Most of the peer-reviewed articles used in the article are used to support the subject of sexuality that has been addressed by the author in the article. This boosts the relevance of the entire article to its intended subject of discussion.  More so, the author uses comparative methodology to enhance the mixed research method of research that has been used in the article. This approach to research is crucial in protecting confidentiality and methodological biases that are vital to the research.

The intended audience for this work is diverse. One of the intended audience for this work is the educational sector. The author tends to targets stakeholders in the education sector to ensure that they pass lessons relating to sexuality to their students. This knowledge is vital because it helps in the understanding of contraceptive use and the prevention of diseases in the society. The second group of the audience is the public health sector. The author also targets to address practitioners in the public health sector to understand the significance of sexual behavior and approach it with a high sense of soberness that helps secure the lives of human beings. The third target audience for this article is the government. This is mainly with the aim of informing the government of the need to carry out public campaigns that sensitize human beings about their sexuality to facilitate healthy living. Private foundations are another significant target group in line with this article. These foundations are targeted to ensure that they understand the needs sexual aspects of individuals and develop appropriate policies to address them.

This piece compares with some of the other pieces we have learned this semester in the sense that it talks about social theories. In most part of the semester, we have had extensive discussions relating to social theories that have a direct effect on human beings. For instance, it is similar to some of the discussions relating to human motivation and overall behavior as discussed in other articles during the semester. The similarity to other course materials and discussions this semester is a vital indicator of its applicability to this course and the relevance to course objectives. Therefore, the current piece offers a crucial opportunity for learning sexual behavior among human beings.

2 May, 2018 in sample essay
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