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Persuasive Essay Example About Homeschooling

It was a day when judges dismissed charges against the two families. The two families had been arrested on different instances for not complying with homeschooling regulations. They were accused of not filing their children's homeschool paperwork. According to the prosecutor, their homeschool plan and children's welfare were also questionable. For several months, the two families had a stressful moment as the state threatened to take their children from them.

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Descriptive Outline Example

In his paper, Mortimer Zuckerman raised his concern about the soaring medical costs that the government continues to incur and suggests that there needs to be a revision on the entitlement programs. Mortimer Zuckerman based his assertion on the statistics that showed a sharp increase in the expenses the government has been incurring in the entitlement programs since 1992 (Zuckerman). He suggests that if projections of 2022 are something to go by, the government will not be able to sustain the programs.

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Expository Essay Sample

Since the very beginning, the humankind used to destroy the planet and not to restore it. Nowadays, the planet suffers of lack of water, thinning of the ozone layer, mass distortion of forests, etc. Humankind has not learned how to keep the home planet clean and “healthy”. For this assignment, I have chosen a division and analysis type of essay. I suggest that it is the most appropriate way to analyze the essay You are a brilliant and the Earth is hiring.

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Compare and Contrast Essay Sample

Although on face value, one may argue that emotion is not the same as idea, the inherent connotation in the passages is the same. This comparison will show that there are several similarities in the two treatises. Both Hume and Lazarus show that ideas and emotions are processed by the human mind to produce the effect that is externally visible to the observers.

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Analytical Essay Sample About Human Being Basic Sexuality Research

The main argument from the research is that social science has failed to effectively distinguish basic behavioral and social science research from intervention research. Additionally, the main argument brings out the view that social science has failed to recognize the potential of basic research in terms of revealing new insights that could be applied in the future. The most significant hole in the main argument is that it has led to the dedication of more financial and logistical support to intervention research compared to basic research involving aspects such as human sexuality.

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Cause and Effect Essay Sample About the Effects of Parents’ Pressure on Teenagers

Parents often do not know what is happening in their children’s lives. They do not understand why a teenager starts to rebel, why they have quarrels all the time, and why their child runs away from home. There are also situations when teenagers begin smoking and drinking alcohol beverages, or even become addicted to drugs. All these problems are accompanied by awful grades at school, absence of hobbies and interests, and total indifference to everything.

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College Essay Sample on Personal Statement

In 2010, my high school sophomore year, my best friend and I decided to do something fun because the daily routines were overwhelmingly exhausting. We chose to memorize the Pi digits to relieve stress. We settled on Pi digits as opposed to history of politics because Pi digits were unlimited, meaningless, and random numbers. It was a competition and I won writing 308 Pi digits. It was so much fun that we made a bet that we would repeat the same competition at the Beijing Tiananmen Square for her birthday in 2020.

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Reflective Essay Sample

Attachment in early child development is a vital concept and lays a foundation for a child’s future relationships with family and the society at large. Developmental stages of a child particularly at infancy are highly affected and influenced by the relationship between the care giver and the infant. Strong, consistent and stable relationships influence appropriate attachments for the child. However, inconsistent, weak or abusive relationships lead to disconnect between the child and the care giver (Simpson, 2008).

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Rhetorical Analysis Essay Sample

In modern society, it is so easy to create a movie and present it to the audience in its best way, using expensive ads, popular actors, and high technologies. Unfortunately, not all movies are usually worth people’s attention, because of different reasons: boring plot, stupid characters, predictable end, etc. Of course, each movie has its own fans and admirers, and some people cannot understand the choice of the others. I belong to the group of people, who find the Fast and the Furious film series as one of the best ideas offered to the viewer at the beginning of the 21st century.

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Narrative Essay Sample About Gender Discrimination

Women all over the world faced gender discrimination that had an enormous impact on their lives. Chinese culture belongs to those societies that often neglected women rights. Maxine Hong Kingston in her literary memoir raises the question of unfair gender roles and prejudiced attitude towards women. Although my life story is not as dramatic as a destiny of no named woman, it is also connected with hard moments of gender discrimination that happened during my early school years.

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