Cause and Effect Essay Sample About the Effects of Parents’ Pressure on Teenagers
2 May, 2018 in sample essay

Parents often do not know what is happening in their children’s lives. They do not understand why a teenager starts to rebel, why they have quarrels all the time, and why their child runs away from home. There are also situations when teenagers begin smoking and drinking alcohol beverages, or even become addicted to drugs. All these problems are accompanied by awful grades at school, absence of hobbies and interests, and total indifference to everything. Although a teenager’s behavior depends on his or her character, but parents are often the ones who are responsible for their child’s acts. Therefore, it is important to understand that parents should not expose their children to pressure.

Parents often make their children do homework. It is clear that they should do it when children enter school. However, when a child studies at high school, parents should not control him or her too much. For example, some parents often say that a child may go for a walk with friends only after doing all home tasks. However, parents may not take into account that it is easier for some people to work in the morning, whereas for others, it is preferable to perform tasks in the evening or at night. Thus, if a person is a night bird, it will be very hard for him or her to do assignments before meeting with friends. This person would rather think when he or she has inspiration. When somebody makes a teenager do something, the quality of the work will be poor. A teenager will do it unwillingly and without trying hard. As a result, the grades will be low. If parents could give their children some space, they would learn how to plan their activities and how to divide their time during the day. For example, if a teenager refuses to write an essay at 5 p.m., then maybe it is worth trying to allow a child do it when he or she gets thoughts together. Moreover, if a child has no idea about the time when his or her efforts are the most successful, then it will be very difficult for him or her to enter college and study there. Parents should not forget that the moment their child enters college, there will be no possibility to make him or her study. A teenager should realize that his or her future life depends on the amount of time devoted to learning different subjects.

The Effects of Parents’ Pressure on Teenagers

Parents often make a career choice for their children. In most cases, it is a huge mistake and the effects of this decision are often disastrous for the future life of their child. It is natural that parents try to do their best to help their children. They understand that a teenager may be not mature enough to decide which profession he or she would like to obtain. Sometimes teenagers are confused and ask their parents to help them make a decision. However, helping is not deciding for them. Some parents want their children to achieve something that they were not able to do. There are also parents who make their children follow the dreams that they used to have years ago. For instance, a father tells his son to become a lawyer because he wanted it when he was young. Similarly, a mother would like her daughter to become an actress because she has the same profession and knows people who will help her daughter to become successful. For example, the daughter agrees to become an actress. She imagines fancy life, expensive dresses, success, and the red carpet. However, when she takes acting classes, she and her teachers realize that she cannot act. Nonetheless, she continues doing it. As a result, nobody offers her good parts. She understands that it is never late to go to college, but every year she forgets more and more information she learned at school. Thus, she realizes that it will be too difficult to study again. Besides, she still hopes that her moment of glory will be soon. When she is thirty years old, she remembers the time when her asked her to become an actress and realizes that this crucial decision ruined her entire life because she works as a waitress and has no life opportunities.

Every teenager should have pocket money. If parents give too much money to their child, he or she will not learn how to appreciate it and economize. A teenager should have enough money for food, beverages, and hobbies. If he or she decides to purchase something expensive, it is possible either to save some money by not buying, for instance, chips, for a month or to look for a part-time job. If a teenager finds a job, he or she will learn how difficult it is to earn money. Parents are often afraid that their children might spend extra money on cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs. However, if a teenager wants to buy cigarettes, he or she may get into the real trouble if there is no money. A teenager may steal something, or even worse – get into bad company. As a result, teenager’s life may be ruined because parents did not trust him or her.


Teenagers are very vulnerable. All parents are afraid of this period of their children’s lives because they often do many mistakes at this age. Parents should learn how to believe their children. They should also show them that they do not only care about them, but also understand that children are already mature to make their own decisions and solve problems.

2 May, 2018 in sample essay
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