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2 May, 2018 in sample essay

You are a brilliant and the Earth is hiring


Since the very beginning, the humankind used to destroy the planet and not to restore it. Nowadays, the planet suffers of lack of water, thinning of the ozone layer, mass distortion of forests, etc. Humankind has not learned how to keep the home planet clean and “healthy”. For this assignment, I have chosen a division and analysis type of essay. I suggest that it is the most appropriate way to analyze the essay You are a brilliant and the Earth is hiring. The paper will be divided into several parts. Each part will be aimed at analyzing one issue from the essay. I will claim that the main idea of the essay You are a brilliant and the Earth is hiring is to show that every person is unique, but so is the planet, which we should save.


There are tens of millions of people suffering from hunger, lack of water; those, who have no home or at least a shelter to spend a night in. However, there are those, who are always ready to help such people. Thousands of doctors participate in Doctors without borders programs. Besides, there are many volunteers all over the world, always ready to help. Even an average person can help a refugee or a homeless simply by offering help, giving money or a shelter at night.

 On the contrary, there are countries, which prosper. The richest countries in the world are, perhaps, the ones, which harm the Earth the most. Factories, plants, cars pollute the air daily; oil and gas production in ocean shelf pollute water; destruction of forests all over the world, especially in the South America, harm flora and fauna. From the essay You are a brilliant and the Earth is hiring, we see that it is easier for the high developed countries to produce more money than to take care about the planet. 

The point is that people, small creatures, compared to the sizes of the planet and the entire universe, save the planet every day. On the other hand, well developed countries, which governments have more opportunities to do that, prefer to stay aside. 

The living world

The science has developed so far during the last several centuries; however, people know almost nothing about the world around them. The world ocean remains almost unstudied. On the contrary, scientist have studied the outer space and found several planets appropriate for human beings. The only question remains: is it so necessary, when we know almost nothing about ourselves?

The author of the essay suggests that the living world is what every person cares in one’s heart. The human body is the entire world. It is a well known fact that human brain is almost not studied. Human beings have been considered the smartest creatures on the planet. The author of the essay doubts that fact. He states that humans are the only “species on the planet without full employment” (57). 

In the present time, the main thing every person should do is to stop looking around and compare oneself with other species, arguing which one is smarter, and look inside. The point is that in some cases, people prefer not to see how much harm they have caused to the planet, the place, where we live. 

Inner life of human beings

Every second, millions of processes take place in a human body. People do not pay attention on this. Moreover, some people do not even realize how many processes take place in their bodies during their lives or a millisecond. Every person is unique, the author argues. That is true. Every person has a unique chromosome complement, appearance, character, habits, interests, etc. Every person has a unique body, which has its own speed of cell production. The author of the essay You are a brilliant and the Earth is hiring suggest that every person is a small universe. 

Human beings are selfish. No person realizes how much every microorganism does for the body, for every small cell. No person has ever thought about the cell division that takes place every millisecond, or even more frequent. On the contrary, every person is interested in current event, celebrities, politicians, economics, etc. Every person has the opportunity to change the world to better. Instead of watching the magic of stars appearance on the night sky, we prefer watch television. (58)


This division and analysis essay was aimed at showing that every person is unique, as well as the Earth, and we should strive keeping the planet safe. I have divided the paper into several parts, having analyzed three main ideas presented in the essay You are a brilliant and the Earth is hiring. In the first part of the essay, I have shown that our planet is the main treasure of the humankind. However, people do not realize that and pollute it daily. The second part of the essay was devoted to the issue of morality, inner morality of a person. I have shown that every person carries an entire world inside. The third part was devoted to the physically inner world of a person. In this part, I have proved that every person is a small universe. Every person is unique. We do not know much about ourselves, as well as about the planet. The main aim of a modern person is to save the planet and its uniqueness and not to search for new planets to live on.


Paul Hawken. You are a brilliant and the Earth is hiring. N.d. Print.

2 May, 2018 in sample essay
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