Persuasive Essay Example About Homeschooling
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Attention Step

Tuesday, April 20, 2014 is an unforgettable day for Cressy and Tolan family of New York. It is a day that marked a significant occurrence in homeschooling history. It was a day when judges dismissed charges against the two families. The two families had been arrested on different instances for not complying with homeschooling regulations. They were accused of not filing their children's homeschool paperwork. According to the prosecutor, their homeschool plan and children's welfare were also questionable. For several months, the two families had a stressful moment as the state threatened to take their children from them. However, it was a relief for the two families when the judges could not see what was there to prosecute. According to the judges, the homeschooling plan was legal and had fulfilled all the requirements (Guess 47). The win for the two families was a step forward for many families who are opting for homeschooling. The judges ruled that each citizen had a right to choose any system of education for the children as long as it meets all the legal requirements. Tolan and Cressy families are among the many families that are opting for home schooling not only in USA but also across many nations.

The Need Step

The central purpose of the current speech is to inform the audience on the current trends in regard to homeschooling. There has been a tremendous rise in homeschooling programs over the past years. It also aims at persuading them to change their attitude towards homeschooling given its effectiveness and the increased cost of normal schooling. The speech would also entertain them through humorous and skilled presentation.

Satisfaction Step

Homeschooling applies diverse methodologies depending on various factors among parents such finances, parent education, future education plans and education philosophies among others. While some parents opt for classical education method, others will go for charlotte mason, radical schooling, Montessori Method or Waldorf education (Immel 45). Any method chosen by the parent depends on the child's learning level, interest and style. However, some parents may go for several methodologies as the child goes across various learning levels.

Homeschooling is not only adventurous for the child but also for the parent. It provides a moment of personal growth for both the child and the parent. While the parents teach the children, they are also able to explore their own potentials (Immel 38). They are able to rediscover the untouched genius within them. At the same time, the personal relationship developed enhances effective learning among the children. Parents loose the sense of growing old and ignorance associated with old age. They become more interested in current issues while molding children's future as well.

In most cases, children hate school and learning. The persistent hate for school contributes to a strong negative attitude towards learning. However, home schooling has an unknown magic that changes children's attitude towards learning (Watkins 34). It is surprising how many children enjoy learning with homeschooling. These children get a chance to learn while exploring their interests. The attitude created is that learning does not end after school but continues until death.

Analysts have identified that homeschooling does not consume a lot of time as the normal schooling. While normal schooling takes six to eight hours a day, homeschooling takes a few hours. Most of the time during normal schooling is wasted while home tutors can design few hours of serious learning and few for playing and leisure. Parents can effectively divide the day so as to have much done within a day (Watkins 13). Time taken travelling to school; washing classes and other school activities are saved.

In a normal schooling, children and parents do not have control over what is taught. Schools have an outlined syllabus that has to be followed for all subjects. However, in homeschooling, parents choose subjects to be taught depending on the child's future career plans. At the same time, parents and tutors teach children what interests them. Children do not have to read geography or history if it does not apply in their lives (Berlatsky 45).

The Visualization Step

It is amazing how professional drivers drive without any fear. However, it may change if the driver becomes the passenger. When one is driving, it is easy to determine when to start the car, when to stop, where to speed, where to slow down or even where to park. When one is a passenger, he or she has no control over all the above issues. In fact, most of them worry that the current driver might cause an accident. In the same manner, parents who opt for homeschooling have a total control over their children education.

The Action Step

It is obvious that many people prefer normal schooling over homeschooling. However, it would be right for people to shift their attention to homeschooling. With homeschooling, one would be able to apply diverse methodologies while controlling the content of education. It prepares the children for adulthood through continuous socialization with adults (Guess 26). It also ensures high performance academically since learning takes place in a home environment. It is a cheap method where parents can apply locally available materials that are relevant to the subjects taught. It does not only add knowledge to the children but also to the parents who are both part of learning. Therefore, homeschooling is a recommendable choice for parents who want high performance in children.

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2 May, 2018 in sample essay
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